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A few years ago, we heard a calling from the Lord to start a new website and name it The Final Harvest. The thrust of our message are the goals for the last days Church. We are not talking about a church or churches. We are talking about the Church of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are talking about the one true Bride of Christ. We believe we are hearing the Holy Spirit of God and that He wants us to be a part of the functioning Body in these final days before Christ's return. We have complied with God's will on this and have built this new website,

We believe that we are in the absolute last days before Jesus is to return. We believe the Church is about to embark on Her final harvest of souls before the Messiah returns for the remnant that will remain on this earth. While we don't profess to know the exact day or hour, (scripture clearly says we won't) we do act upon Jesus' words that we would know the season of His return by the signs. Never before in the history of mankind have the signs ever been so obvious. All over the globe, the peoples of the earth, even non-Christians are seeing the "handwriting on the wall."

We also believe that Christ wants to purify and unify His Church before this harvest can take place. The current harlotry and error of the many churches in practice are a hindrance to the harvest and growth of these last day converts. They will need to be strong, therefore the Church needs to be strong. We feel the Church--particularly the Western Church--has become soiled and polluted by the world. We believe that God is cleaning up the Bride, in preparation for the coming of Her Groom. We feel He will accomplish this task two ways.

  • One, He will cause the Church to repent and seek Him by way of taking away the deceptive luxuries of this worldly society. We sense a series of troubles are about to come upon America and other Western nations that will bring people to their knees. We are about to come to a place where we will get real with the Almighty and cry out to Him. All the foolishness that occurs in the churches will be torn down, because it is a stumbling block to the lost and a distraction to the saints. We believe in one Church, one Body with Christ as the One King. We see a future when division and selfish ambitions of various denominations, ministries and churches will end and be replaced by pure motives. Excessive building and spending will cease. Hirelings will be discouraged by the lack of profit so that only those who are fully committed to Christ, willing to endure being persecuted and impoverished, will preach the gospel. We see that mega ministries will crumble as the economy reduces people to survival mode. Only the purest of works and workmen will endure this fire.

  • Two, Christ will do a work of the Holy Spirit that will bring about the unity and purification of the Bride. It is a work of the Spirit so that no man may boast. God Himself will do these things. By His Spirit, He will validate His Church by empowering and strengthening her. He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, in a way He hasn't done since the Pentecost. While the antichrist will be going about doing false signs and wonders to deceive the nations, the Church and the members of the Body of Christ will become a sign and a wonder to the world by their love and deeds, and by their ability to stand, in the midst of turmoil and chaos like this world has never seen. We believe unprecedented persecution of the Church is about to take place on a global level. We also believe that the Church will have unprecedented spiritual power and that there will be an unprecedented final harvest of souls in these last hours of the history of earth.

We have many dear brothers and sisters who have confirmed the message we are hearing. However, we are so confident that we are in the will of God, we would make this stand against the filth that has polluted the Bride, even if no man stood with us. We are not trying to pull down traditional churches, but we believe that will inevitably happen as God takes the Western world down to a place of humility. We wish it didn't have to happen, but we believe it will.

This new site, , is very purpose-focused. We have reduced our lengthy testimonies down to the most important aspects. There will still be devotionals by Eva and hopefully more frequently written. All seven of Victor's teaching books will be on the new site in a free, downloadable format as well as to read online. Eva's book, The Final Call to Repentance is also be available and Eva and Vic's venture into fiction, The Traveler, is also there. Everything we have to offer will be free of charge.

This is a "no-compromise" site. We beg the forgiveness of anyone who doesn't understand, or is offended at our words. Nevertheless, we ought to obey God, rather than man. The great and terrible Day of the Lord is moving in upon us and we want to be about our Father's business. We hope to be here to encourage the Body of Christ as the Lord takes us all through this transformation. Please send any questions you have concerning our teachings, doctrines, missions, etc., so we can put them in our FAQ section.

We feel called to go out into the highways and byways and compel the lost and out-of-fellowshipped to become a part of the Bride. We still sing our songs at nursing homes, churches, assisted living centers, prison and on the streets and in parks. We still encourage people to stay active and involved with a fellowship of strong believers and learn the word of God so they will have discernment. However, we also encourage people to find a fellowship that is focused on the basic works the Church should be doing and not get caught up into worldly agendas. And, of course, everyone should be an active, fully functioning member of the Body of Christ.

Love- in Christ,

Victor and Eva Zarley

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